About Us

EthicalBox is an online marketplace for people who care.

It isn’t easy navigating the world of ethical shopping, and it can be hard to know the full story behind what you’re buying, and who you’re buying it from. We wanted to create a community of ethically conscious individuals, and a space for small and large brands who share our values of honest, transparent and sustainable shopping.

We know that your values as a customer are personal and varied. Your choices are particular to you, and we aren’t here to boss you around by telling you what you can or can’t buy. What we are here to do is provide you with the best and broadest selection of consciously created products. From fairtrade fashion and handmade furnishings, to all natural household products and energy efficient gadgets. We want to make ethical shopping as easy as possible, providing beautiful and functional products that won’t cost us the earth, our health, or the rights of our fellow human beings.

If there’s a specific ethical requirement that takes your fancy, you can search by any of our ethical criteria using the menu down the left hand side of every product page. If you would like to learn more about any of our criteria, you can click on one of the images below. We have 15 criteria for you to browse!

 EthicalBox Certified Fair Trade EthicalBox Vegan EthicalBox Supporting Causes

More ethical criteria can be found across the site. Click on one of the images above to browse the whole collection.

Fancy joining us? If you own or represent a brand then head over to our How to Sign Up section for more info. Or just jump straight on in and Become a Seller, but be sure to check out our minimum criteria. We love brands who are creative and unique, but we’re serious about sustainability and our ethical policy is at the heart of what we do.

We’re bringing together a large, diverse and exciting range of ethically inspired brands, all in one online marketplace, and all for you. We hope you’ll join us. To find out more about shopping, selling or just hanging out with us at EthicalBox, head over to the Help Area, or get in touch by sending us a support message. Go ahead, ask us anything.