Ticking The Ethical Boxes!

Here you can find a full break down of all our ethical criteria, their definitions,
and what you need to do in order to comply.

100% Natural

The products under this category are made with all natural materials and ingredients, ensuring they are good for the body as well as the environment.

This predominantly applies to health, beauty, and cleaning products, but also furniture and homeware from sustainable sources. Sellers must be able to provide details of everything that goes into their products.

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This is for items which, once they have served their purpose, fully decompose and return to the environment.

This mostly includes products made from organic materials, and ensures no lasting negative impact is left upon the environment through pollution or waste.

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Certified Fair Trade

Fair Trade is based on partnerships between companies, producers and communities of workers who might otherwise face marginalisation and poor work and trade conditions. It ensures that a fair price is paid to workers for their labour, and that their rights within the workplace are respected according to internationally recognised standards. It also means that profits are fed back to local people for economic and community development.

For a product to be included in our Fair Trade category it must feature materials that have been certified by a credible and independent organisation. The seller must be able to provide details of this certification, and demonstrate that a conscious effort has been made to source Fair Trade certified materials, where possible.

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Certified Organic

Organic certification is given to products where their farming and production methods are conducted without the use of genetic modification, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

In order to feature under this category, products must be made with some form of certified organic materials. This means that although not all the products are certified themselves, the sellers have taken an active step to source quality materials that cause less of a negative environmental impact. This allows for smaller brands to be included, who might not have the resources to gain certification for their individual products, but are still working to improve the quality of their products and their overall environmental impact.

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Certified Vegan

Vegan certification is given to products made without any materials derived from animal products, or the use of animals in any of the production processes. To appear under this category sellers must be able to provide details of their certification, or of the certification of their materials.

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Conflict Free

This particularly applies to jewellery or homeware, and represents products that have not come from areas implicated in violence and human rights abuses, or the displacement and destruction of communities.

To be included in this category, sellers must be able to demonstrate exactly where and who their materials are sourced from.

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This category is similar to Fair Trade, however purely focuses on the rights of workers, and sellers who maintain fair working standards in their supply chains.

Since we work with a lot of small brands, it can be difficult for them to obtain full Fair Trade certification despite the positive conditions they have worked to ensure for the makers of their products. In this category, products have all been made with Fair Labour, and many have certifications from organisations such as the Fair Wear Foundation.

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This category features products that are made in small quantities, entirely by hand, rather than mass produced using machinery. It is particularly for items that are made to order by our sellers, therefore working to reduce waste by producing only what is necessary for each individual product.

In order to be included in this category, sellers must provide detailed information on how their products are made, and the techniques involved.

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Locally Sourced

Products' materials and production methods must be sourced from local suppliers, with minimum transportation involved.

This category requires maximum transparency from suppliers, as they must be able to provide information on their whole supply chain, and the steps they’ve taken to use local materials and manufacturers.

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Low Eco Footprint

This is a very broad category, and mainly includes aspects of the production process such as being made with renewable energy or having a low carbon footprint.

Products can be included under this section if sellers can provide details on their supply chain that show the ways in which they’ve taken active steps to reduce their environmental footprint.

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Products in this category are produced without the use of harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the body and environment.

This applies particularly to cleaning products which often contain a vast amount of hazardous chemicals, as well as health and beauty items. It is important for products which may come into contact with the body, as harsh chemicals are easily absorbed by the skin, leading to long term negative effects.

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One of a Kind

These products are all limited edition pieces, many of which are also made by hand.

One of a Kind production means that an extra level of care and attention to detail goes into each creation, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability.

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Recycled Materials

This category is pretty self-explanatory, but requires products to be made out of materials that would otherwise be considered waste.

This also includes upcycled products, which are distinct from recycled ones as they're made without destroying or altering the original product materials, often to make a product of greater value. Recycled items may be crushed, melted, or remanufactured into a new form, in order to make an entirely new final product.

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Supporting Causes

This category is for brands or products which actively support a charitable cause.

This can be charitable work of any kind, however they must be able to provide details of the positive impact that they have had upon the desired beneficiaries.

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Sustainably Sourced

This category features products made from materials with an emphasis on sustainability. This is particularly true for natural materials such as wood or cork, as well as the fibres that go into fabric.

For products to be included here the sellers must be able to provide detailed information on where their materials are sourced from.

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