Ethical FAQ

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What does ethical actually mean?

There are many factors that contribute to a product being seen as ethical or not, and it’s not always possible for a product or seller to meet every requirement. For us, being ethical is about being able to create something beautiful, and functional, without causing harm to others in the process. Therefore anything that appears on our site must meet our minimum ethical criteria, and we actively encourage sellers to go above and beyond these in their manufacturing and production processes. We refuse to condone any companies involved in the use of sweatshops or child labour, and believe workers on a global scale should have the right to work with dignity, for a living wage, without discrimination, in safe and healthy environments, and with the ability to form independent unions. But that’s really just the start.

Being ethical is about more than regulations; it is about integrity, self-regulation and the morality of what is fair and what is not. For this reason we have included a set of additional criteria which can be used by sellers whose products have more to offer than just the minimum requirements, including things like being Fair Trade, Vegan, or environmentally friendly. Through this we encourage our sellers to reach for a higher standard, in the hope that this might one day lead to an industry where being ethical is not just a novelty, but a global moral requirement.

We also welcome feedback from customers and sellers alike. If you feel that one of our sellers is not being truly honest about their ethical practice, please let us know the reasons why and we will review their account. You can let us know by sending a message through the support system here, or by clicking the ‘Report Seller’ button on their profile.

How do you ensure products are ethical?

We have a set of minimum criteria that must be met by all our sellers, in order for us to stock their products. These are:

No sweatshops, No child labour, and a proven respect for core internationally recognised workers’ rights.

We know that supply chains can be hugely complex, and so that is why we demand absolute trust and transparency from all our sellers. In order for us to stock any of their products, the seller must first agree to our statement of ethical assurance, verifying that they meet with our strict ethical criteria. If they don’t know how their products are made, and who is involved at each stage of the production process, then you won’t find their products here. Being ethical is about recognising and taking responsibility for the impact that you have upon the world around you, and refusing to take the easy way out, and this is reflected in our relationships with all our sellers.

What about other categories?

Though our minimum criteria are focused on the rights of workers, we have a selection of further categories that sellers can select, if their products go above and beyond what we ask.

Our 15 ethical categories are 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Certified Fair Trade, Certified Organic, Certified Vegan, Conflict Free, Fairly Made, Handmade, locally Sourced, Low Eco Footprint, Non-Toxic, One of a Kind, Recycled Materials, Supporting Causes and Sustainably Sourced. If a seller can certify that they meet these higher standards, then they get greater promotion on our website, so it also acts as an incentive for them to strive for higher standards of ethical practice.

Check out a full breakdown of our definitions and how you products should comply here. It’s also important to bare in mind that some categories are product specific, so try to only use the categories that you consider relevant to your product line

What’s your policy on animal products?

We maintain a strict no fur policy, and any products uploaded to the site containing fur may be removed without warning. The seller will then be notified that their products are not in line with our ethical policy and have been removed from EthicalBox.

We do allow other animal products such as leather, however they must be either from recycled sources or fully traceable. Due to the nature of leather supply chains, approval is carried out on a case by case basis so as to ensure maximum transparency from brands, and we may remove products or sellers who we feel have not provided us with satisfactory information.

What if a product or seller slips through the net?

If any product is found to fall short of our guidelines, it will be immediately removed from the EthicalBox site, and the seller will be notified. Depending on the nature of the issue, the seller’s account may also be disabled until they have proven that they have made amends, and we are satisfied that the issue has been sufficiently resolved.

We are based on trust and transparency, and welcome any concerns you have regarding products or sellers on EthicalBox. If you have concerns regarding any of our sellers please send an email detailing the issue to [email protected], or use the ‘Report Seller’ button on the shop’s profile. Whilst we will do our best to work with sellers to rectify any problems that arise, if they consistently fail to meet our standards of ethics and transparency then we have the right to terminate all future involvement with them and their products.