How To List Products

These steps should guide you through the process stress free. Give them a go, and if you’re having problems drop our support team a message here.

Before signing up we ask that all sellers read our Statement Of Ethical Assurance.

If you can guarantee that you hit our minimum standards then follow the steps below to set up your shop! We review each store before they go up on the site to ensure they meet with our requirements and to add a further level of ethical assurance.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Click on ‘Become a Seller’ here or in the top right of any page.

  2. Create your shop. You will need some information such as your shipping and return policies and VAT number (if applicable).
    You should also check out our breakdown of Sales Service Fees here.

  3. Once you’ve submitted the form, you will receive a welcome email.

  4. Go ahead and take a look around the account dashboard. From here you can manage your shop, upload products, download paid invoices and check on sales.

  5. As soon as you’ve created your shop you can begin uploading products, either one at a time, or through the bulk upload system, both of which can be found in the menu down the left hand side of your account.

  6. Once your account has been approved by the EthicalBox team, your products and will all appear live on the site.

We then handle everything including payments so you can concentrate on creating the best and most beautiful products possible.  

More information on using EthicalBox can be found in our Help Area.

Otherwise, start listing and making those sales! Click to here to start.

Happy selling!